Thursday, September 1, 2016

“Winner's Mino Announces Solo Debut Date + New Teaser Photo” plus 5 more

“Winner's Mino Announces Solo Debut Date + New Teaser Photo” plus 5 more

Winner's Mino Announces Solo Debut Date + New Teaser Photo

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 09:29 PM PDT

Winner's Mino is the first to reveal his official solo debut date and it's happening on September 8.

Along with the announcement, a new teaser image is also released where Mino is looking charismatic in a close-up shot. Meanwhile, aside from Mino, iKON Bobby's solo debut is also being anticipated as the two talented idols are hinted to be releasing solo debut tracks respectively.

Are you excited?

Black Pink Are Chic for '1sk Look' Pictorial

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 09:25 PM PDT

Black Pink gets their first magazine pictorial after official debut and they are looking so chic and pretty!

The girls team up with Reebook for "1st Look" magazine and the spread featuring one of the hottest rookies will be on the magazine's September issue. Make sure to grab a copy to see more of the photos from their pictorial

CL is a Sexy Morning Person for 'Elle'

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 09:06 PM PDT

Pictorial cuts of 2NE1's CL for "Elle" magazine's September issue are released.

In the photos CL is overflowing with sexy charisma as a lady who enjoys the serenity of morning hours. See more photos below:

TWICE Chaeyoung Wears See-through Fashion at Airport?

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 08:42 PM PDT

TWICE greet fans and media in the morning today as they arrive at Gimpo airport.

The girls are looking pretty and glam up as usual but Chaeyoung's fashion especially catches attention. Chaeyoung is seen wearing a mustard long sleeves blouse and covers it up with a coat.

Netizens react that her blouse is see-through and her black undergarment is obvious which they claimed to be bothering as Chaeyoung is only 17 years old while others think that they have no problem with it as she is wearing an oversized coat. What do you think?

Red Velvet Joy is Dreamy in Blonde For 'Russian Roulette' Teaser Images

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 08:49 PM PDT

Following Wendy's teaser image for Red Velvet's comeback, Joy's teaser images are released through their website.

Joy in looking dreamy in her blonde hair. Her innocent-looking face is accented with smokey eye-make up giving a fierce look. In other photos, Joy looks soft wearing see-through floral patterned blouse. Along with Joy's teaser images are more details regarding their comeback. Red Velvet is releasing their 3rd mini album "Russian Roulette" on September 7 at 12MD.

With the release of Joy's teasers, fans are anticipating the rest of the group's photos!

Red Velvet Gears Up for 'Russian Roulette' Comeback With Wendy's Teaser Image

Posted: 31 Aug 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Red Velvet signals their comeback with a retro-looking photo of Wendy along with a new logo and words read as "Russian Roulette". In the photo, Wendy looks fierce with braided hair. The new logo is very artistically designed with an arrow piercing a heart.

Although there aren't much details yet such as album title and release dates, fans can anticipate the future releases starting today.