Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Yearbook Photos of 'Moon Lovers' Handsome Princes Are Garnering Attention” plus 4 more

“Yearbook Photos of 'Moon Lovers' Handsome Princes Are Garnering Attention” plus 4 more

Yearbook Photos of 'Moon Lovers' Handsome Princes Are Garnering Attention

Posted: 08 Sep 2016 07:44 AM PDT

Netizens not only dig yearbook and graduation photos of idols but also actors.

Yearbook photos of the handsome actors playing the role of princes in drama "Moon Lovers" are uploaded on portal sites and their insane visuals are indeed prince-like!

Actors Lee Joon Ki,Kang Haneul, Hong Jonghyun, Nam Joohyuk and EXO's Baekhyun are good-looking even in their younger years. Their unchanging visuals are really superior that are worthy of the title 'prince'.

Netizens comment, "Kang Haneul is insane handsome!","Wow everyone is handsome!","Ah they're so prince-like really Joon Ki prince-nim!","Kang Haneul and Nam Joohyuk wow! Baekhyun so cute!","Jonghyun is so goodlooking even before!" and so on. Meanwhile, you can watch these handsome princes on "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM KST.

Let's see who is who:

Lee Joon Ki

Kang Haneul

Hong Jonghyun

Nam Joohyuk

EXO Baekhyun

Girl's Day Minah vs Hyeri Battle of 'Sexy Back' at 'Seoul Drama Awards'

Posted: 08 Sep 2016 07:22 AM PDT

Girl's Day Minah and Hyeri attend "Seoul Drama Awards" and flaunt their sexy backs during the red carpet.

Hyeri is wearing a sleeveless nude and black dress while Minah is wearing halter black dress, both with deep cut design at the back exposing their flawless skin.

The two are stunning but who among the two steals your attention? Meanwhile, Minah attends as MCs of the awards ceremony alongside Lee Ji Yeon and Shin Hyun Jun while Hyeri attends as an award presenter.

Seolhyun Flaunts Long Legs For 'SPAO'

Posted: 08 Sep 2016 06:40 AM PDT

AOA Seolhyun is featured in the newest advertisement clip for SPAO Denim and she is looking so fine in slacks and jeans with her perfect long and slender legs.

Girl's Day Hyeri to Park Bogum 'Husband! I'm watching you well'

Posted: 08 Sep 2016 05:53 AM PDT

Girl's Day Hyeri makes a cute message to former co-actor Park Bogum which make their fans overwhelmed.

Today, Hyeri attends the "Seoul International Drama Awards" as an actress and walks on the red carpet. At the photo wall, Hyeri says "Being able to participate as a big awarding ceremony as an actress makes me happy.I think I'll have a great time."

When asked about her dress concept, Hyeri replies, "I've always dressed up innocently, but today's I tried something different." Hyeri also reveals her admiration to actor Song Joong Ki "I want to see Song Joong Ki even once. I've already seen him through broadcast a lot so I'm glad I can meet him by myself."

In relation to her former Reply 1988 co-actor and love interest Park Bogum, whose drama "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" is receiving lots of love, Hyeri makes a cute video greeting for him "Husband I'm watching well. You're really really fun and cool! Please make a cool drama."

Finally, to the question, who between Park Bogum and Song Joongki she wants to act with, Hyeri smiles and answers, "It'll be an honor to act with the two of them."

K.Will Surprising Confession 'I Love You Song Joong Ki' At 'Seoul Int'l Drama Awards'

Posted: 08 Sep 2016 05:27 AM PDT

K.Will makes a surprising confession to actor Song Joong Ki during his performance at "The Seoul International Drama Awards"

At the awards ceremony, K.Will serenades everyone by singing one of "Descendants of the Sun" OST "Talk Love". During his performance, K.Will makes a shoutout "I love you Song Joong Ki" which makes the audience uproar and Song Joong Ki reacts shyly but cutely.

Watch below: